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All chinchillas on this page are rescues. This means, they are here because they are in need of a new home. Their former owners could no longer care for them and asked for help. They come with little to no background information so we have no idea if they have any genetic issues. For these reasons, these animals are re-homed as pets only; they are not to be used for breeding.

Each rescue comes with an information package, a free one year membership in the Chinchilla Club, a 30 day health guarantee, lifetime assistance and information, chew toys, timothy hay, and one to one and a half pounds each of food, hay cubes, and Blue Cloud dust.

All rescues have an $75 adoption fee. The adoption fee helps to cover costs of the rescue. The fee is $140 if adopting a pair. Pairs are always same gender as they should not be bred.

Rescues for Adoption


We currently have no female rescues for sale


We currently have no male rescues for sale

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