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All prices have been updated. New prices are on the animals page.

Supplies For Sale

Cuddle Bug Chinchillas has chinchilla supplies for sale for local pick up only. Below is a list of the items we have for sale.
Supply Price List -- The prices are out of date. Please e-mail for current prices and availability

Supply Prices
Chinchilla Pellets (PRCS) $5.00 per gallon bag (5 pounds)
Timothy Hay $1.00 per gallon bag (8 oz.) or $2.00 per 2 gallon bags (16 oz.)
Hay Cubes $2.00 per gallon bag (1 pounds)
Blue Could Dust (Out of Stock)
Blue Sparkle Dust $1 per pound
Chew Toys $1.50 each
Pine Bedding $3.00 per 2 1/2 gallon bag
Ryerson's Supplement $5.00 per quart bag (1 pound)
Lava Ledge $5.00
Leap - n - Ledge $4.00
Sleep - n - Ledge $5.00
Small Feeders $2.00
Refurbished Cages Check here to see available cages

We have packages available, e-mail for more infomation.
All of our supplies are guaranteed fresh.

If you are interested in purchasing supplies from us, please contact us through email to arrange a time and to be sure that we have what you need in stock.

We currently have some used supplies for sale.

These items are clean and in great condition.  They are large enough for young or small chinchillas, though larger animals may not fit.  These normaly sell for $20 Each.

Others used supplies currently have available.

Supplies(used) Price
Plastic Bath House $5.00
Chin Chiller $6.00


From time to time, we have refurbished cages for sale (Click here to check). All of our refurbished cages have been thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and have wooden shelves.